Eighty-four percent of Americans are feeling financial stress, which is an extraordinarily high percentage.

What percent of stress is caused by finances? Finances are the number-one cause of stress ( 73% ). One research found that to be more than politics (59%), work (49%) and family (46%).

Ready when you are to help you get your credit in line for a healthier lifestyle.

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"For one, we can’t tell you upfront that ANY item can or will be removed from our clients’ credit reports. Again, like all legally compliant credit repair agencies, we can only remove items that show to be inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable. However, MANY items on most people’s reports could fall into one of those categories. We have helped clients in the past remove collections, late payments, repos, student loans, and even public records. Again, we just can’t make you any promises about specific items." - THE credit nerds

The financial benefits of being debt free

  • More of your income is available to you. ...

  • Less financial risk. ...

  • Improved credit score. ...

  • Retire earlier. ...

  • Less stress. ...

  • Improved mental and physical health. ...

  • Higher self-esteem

Mortgage Savings

Good credit can save you tens of thousands of dollars on a mortgage. Here is a breakdown of the total principal and interest that would be paid based on a 30 year mortgage for $150,000 home.

  • Excellent Credit

  • Rate 3.2%

  • Total Cost of $233,532

  • Average Credit

  • Rate 3.6%

  • Total Cost of $245,508

  • Bad Credit

  • Rate 4.8%

  • Total Cost of $283,319

Bad Credit cost this person $50,223 in extra interest.

Whether you are looking to manage your personal credit, build your business credit, or fix the damage of past mistakes, we can help.