May 2022

  • 1st - Favorable for planting beans, corn, cotton, tomatoes, peppers, and other above ground crops.

Depending on the geological location of the reader. As well as current local conditions. These guides may be off however during average circumstances, they would apply and be as close to favorable as possible, typicaly.

Gardening As Stress Relief

With the onset of restrictions and lock downs. There is no better time then spring to bring to life a new oxygen producer. Whether indoors or outdoors, plants are one of the best alternatives to sometimes be natural therapy as well as a stress relief for most.

On the other hand with raising rates and tightening on spending budget. Besides the glorious health benefits. Growing your own fruits and vegetable can prove to be a financially beneficial route to take as well. From purchasing seeds or growing seeds found in already purchased fruits and vegetables.

Gardening has a life long record of being sexier then anyone will ever dare to admit. Maybe.

Edible gardening grew big as the demand for locally grown produce grew, and native gardening became popular as people became more conscious of native plants and the animals who frequent them.

The big need this year? After a couple of years of uncertainty, people are looking for ways to relieve stress.

Depending on what helps you to relax! To some gardening, is about creating your own little oasis of life, color, scent, and sound.

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