Solar or no Solar?

While there is definitely some back and forth between current Solar users and non solar users. It seems it is down to the company sales person that pitched the potential sell by not informing potential customers of whether their state in fact has a certain amount of incentives available to bring the cost and maintenance down to a manageable amount per month.

Most every home owner is able to qualify for the federal incentives. Which depends on their taxable income and some other factors like placements and kilo watt usage.

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The other main incentive is Net Metering. Which allows home owners with Solar already in place and producing an abundance on energy. To SELL off that unused energy back to the main power company at a determined rate as well. Depending on that state in which you reside, Homeowners with Solar are eligible for joining in the SREC MARKETS. Where some homeowners are able to sell for around $200 to $400 dollars per contract, which the homeowners get to keep for themselves.