StellarCannaCoin Defying the Markets

In a strange twist of events. While majority of other crpytos are seeing a decline in great stride. XLM and StellarCannaCoin have been digging their way out of the trenches. Knocking down skeptics and others that have set their sights on crpyto being a total waste of time and money.

Stellar Cannacoin has claimed they are more energy efficient then BTC with having a better mining energy cost then other cryptos. There is still only a small group dedicated to seeing this take off. Although not just any normal group of individuals. To which this individuals, like the early adoption stages of BTC is done by those that see the true value in Stellar Cannacoin. . There has been a lot of movement in getting in front of those with potential means to help get Stellar Cannacoin connected with their products. That of course deal with cannabis and cannabis related accessories. So that consumers will be able to purchase those products with this coin.

With stats like this it is no wonder why we are writing about them. With the cannabis industry owners spending millions to clean and transport their money so that federally insured banks can "legally" accept their cash. Stellar Cannacoin is the solution to the industry problem. The team behind Stellar Cannacoin is not trying to hide or encourage people from performing illegal transactions. No, they are very understanding of the necessary evil that may be in place, also known as laws and regulations, which limit consumers and industry business owners from reaching their potential on many levels.

Tucked away are research articles stating the positive impacts of cannabis. Of course, depending on how one chooses to utilize cannabis will determine just how effective it will be to their health. Some of the reported therapeutic properties that may be available for consumers with neurological disorders while utilizing the plant that was gifted to humans for it use include :

  • Anti-oxidative, neuroprotective, analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions.

  • Immunomodulation, which is the modulation of glial cells and tumor growth regulation.

So why has it been so difficult for consumers and business owners to not only utilize this natural and relatively harmless alternative to pharmaceuticals. Well that is up to the reader to find out or wait for future articles from us. Right now, we are focusing on the positive impacts that comes from marrying cannabis, cannabis products and cannabis accessories with StellarCannacoin. As well as how a small group on Reddit are not letting this opportunity to go to waste.

A wonderful example of this is the persistence of the team taking on the daunting challenge of pitching StellarCannaCoin to business owners and cannabis influencers. While continuing to provide a positive online community influence by providing " Smoke Sessions" to those within the online community at Reddit concernin Stellar Cannacoin. Where anyone can simply comment the appropriate comment and get tipped StellarCannacoin.

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Business owners are potentially shelling out $10,000 per month per account to allow financial institutions the ability to hold the funds from their companies. Stellar Cannacoin then may potentially be able to save those business owners the cost of those expenditures since Stellar Cannacoin is decentralized and cryptos can be held in regular vessels such as trusts and IRAs. While some financial institutions are walking away with a minimum of $120,000 per annum from these cash flowing businesses as well as the local communities and consumers that would benefit from those business being able to retain most of those business expenditures. There are still 5,321 financial institutions that don't offer any way for business owners to report their earning and losses. Thus hurting the prosperity of many and into the foreseable future. Unless those bussinesses see the value in StellarCannacoin and adopt it into their systems while they can at a low price point.

As BTC continues to grow and business utilize BTC for transactions. They are still throwing away money and resources by not utilizing StellarCannacoin and we only have one question for them. That question is WHY? - Why are you going to use a more expensive crypto instead of one that is already built to suit their purpose.

a second question others have already asked is :

What happens to Bitcoin after all 21 million are mined?

  • When bitcoin reaches the 21 million limitations, many experts suggest creating a new cryptocurrency distinct from bitcoin. This would encourage competition and lead to more innovation in the market.

Stellar Cannacoin uses a distribution account to continually run faucets, fuel the tipping economy, fund community projects and integrate cannabis-related

business into our developing ecosystem. Stellar Cannacoin has a locked supply of 5.2 billion minted coins, no more will ever be minted. Which places them in a primo position and right now with an extremely affordable price point. Incredibly more affordable then BTC right now.