StellarCannacoin- Grass Roots paving the way for the future.

While our current FIAT economy looks strong the backside of it is the back end could give out as there has been a 96% devaluation since around 1913. While digital assets like Stellar Cannacoin keep rising and defying the markets or even in the least holding their value. As the major mainstream tokens get ravished by the economy. SCC has a strong line with a great team backing the token up. Placing the digital token in a prime position to sustain through the increase in base points as well as further devaluing of the USD.

Stellar Cannacoin To date has three businesses utilizing the Stellar Cannacoin's energy efficiency to provide fast, reliable and satisfying transactions. Due to the fact that blockchain transactions provides a secure and trusted tracking system from one end of the supply chain (the creation or mining of raw materials) all the way to other end of the supply chain (where the end user enjoys the finished product).

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After talking with a few dispensary owners and growers- they all hit the same growth point- FDIC insurance- for the funds their business flows around. Understandably so- as there is still controversy about whether digital token are either commodities or currency or even to be considered an asset right now. Also until money makers and managers fully implement blockchain. Investors will have a harder time getting their ROI and or approval due to volatility. Mainly due to digital tokens still being within an infancy or possibly toddler stage. To best put the structuring into a somewhat considerable structure for others to be able to reference on. FIAT or cash currencies are the grand parents of currency and precious metal would be the great great grand parents. more or less.

In order for a group of peoples or businesses to be willing to deal with a digital currency that may just fall short or cause a business to be scrutinized more due to dealing with finances. The crypto currency developers will have to further their actions and stay persistent reaching their audiences as well as staying up to date with current and future blockchain updates.

As well as a community of over 5,000 active consumers,traders,leaders and entrepreneurs. To which the community has only been gaining momentum since the rest of the world has been experiencing a downturn.